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An app for the visually impaired to aurally understand their prescriptions, medicine bottle labels, and more. Recommend this to a visually impaired friend or family member to ensure their health and safety!


Audible Prescriptions

Scan prescriptions with your camera to hear them read aloud.

View Past Prescriptions

Save prescriptions to hear them later on.

Personalized Profile

Create your account with personal information to ensure custom care.

Apple Accessibility

Compatible with Apple Accessibility, making usage simple for visually impaired patients.


How will visually impaired users understand how to use the app?

Tickbird gives instructions with audio, which indicates where buttons are and what steps a user must take in order to scan prescriptions. Furthermore, Tickbird is compatible with Apple Accessibility.

How do I know that I am scanning my prescription properly?

Since it is compatible with Apple Accessibility, Tickbird knows when a picture is adequate. If an image is blurry, illegible, or otherwise imperfect, Tickbird will prompt the user to rescan the image. Furthermore, while scanning, once a readible prescription is within the camera's scope, Tickbird will notify the user to take the image.

Do I have to scan my prescription everytime I want to read it?

Nope! Tickbird allows you to make a personalized account where your past prescriptions are saved and can be heard with the tap of a button.

Why should the visually impaired use Tickbird? Is this really a problem? Why can't a caretaker just help them?

Currently, there are millions of visually impaired patients who require prescriptions, but doctors are unaccommodating, as only 1% of hospitals offer Braille or audio prescriptions. Additionlly, Tickbird aims to promote self-reliance for visually impaired patients and enable them to independently understand what medicine they need to take, without needing assistance from a caretaker who may not always be present.

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